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Re: [IP] Re: using insulin left in

This thread reminds me of one several years ago that John Neale and I 
had about injecting insulin IV (not recommended).  I think that if 
you did happen to hit a vein AND hold it there long enough to inject 
an air bubble before or after insulin, you might surely suffer more 
from the acute effect of the insulin than the small amount of air. 
And if you just injected a big bolus of air under the skin, this 
would have no effect, as the air would just dissolve slowly into the 
blood without any bubbles.   So like Barb said, not to worry.  But if 
you do use the method in an emergency, do it correctly so you get the 
insulin you need properly delivered.

>I THINK (46 years ago..) i was told, that air in the syringe could cause an
air bubble in my blood stream,(i know, i know...we dont inject into the blood
stream),which could cause the heart to stop....<
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