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[IP] type 1 oand type2, different diseases, both related to too much food.

surveyed by the ADA who believe Type 1 will be cured do not believe the same
 of Type 2, as the latter is significantly related to lifestyle issues such
 as eating habits, exercise, etc. >>

Oh yeah, I forgot. It's all our fault. Genetics have nothing to do with it.
(Which will make my great-grandmother, two grandmothers, father, three aunts
and at least one uncle very happy I am blaming myself for getting type 2 and
not faulting them at all for contributing to my family's gene pool. <g>)

Actually, my point about type 2 was that MDI and pumps will still be around
- -- even if type 1 is cured. The type 2 problem is much more complex than
the type 1 problem. type 2 DM producs much more complex disease. different
heart disease, different ey diseas, duifferent kidney disease. and all the
sanctimoneous people in the world just tell you to get away from the food
and stop beaing a glutton and your type 2 will be cured.

Jan and Elvis
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