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[IP] Re: Overactive Immune Systems & Control

Im a little confused. This is my thinking process: Type 1 = overactive immune 
system = not getting sick often.  But if that is true then why do I keep 
getting sick? When my HA1C's where 10+ (as high as 17) I would get sick at 
the drop of a hat and with whatever was floating around. Now that my control 
is alot better (Nov was 7.5)  I never get 100% sick like I did before. Right 
now I am fighting this cold my boyfriend had. I have the postnasal drip and 
and sinuses hurt and tightness in the chest, but I can tell that its just at 
the begining stages. Ive been like this for days. Normally I feel like this 
for one day and then it hits me hard. Blood Sugars are crazy. My two week 
average is 204. My bg doesn't want to come down. I seem to have gotten a 
better hold on it over the past few days. 
Two part question: How does an overactive immune system fit in? and how does 
control play a role?
dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
Actually, I don't think having Type 1 = an "overactive" immune system in the sense that 
it's a "Super Immune" system able to fight off any and all pathogens in a single bound.  
What happens with Type 1's is that there's a "glitch" in the immune system where it mistakes 
it's own cells (Beta) for a foreign invader and attacks them, thus destroying them.  
As far as control goes, when you have high blood sugars you are more prone to catching 
anything and everything out there, because bacteria, fungus, and I believe viruses also, feed 
on sugar.  Sugar is their food of choice.  If you want to watch cells grow in a petrie dish, just 
add glucose.  That's why you would get sick at the drop of a hat when your A1c's were 10+.  
This also makes you more prone to all types of fungal infections which are stubborn to begin 
with.  Give them sugar and they throw a party.  Of course, infections then lead to higher BG's 
which lead to more infection and you have a vicious cycle.
As something only slightly related (as far as sugar goes), my sister knows a guy who was 
recently diagnosed with a really aggressive form of cancer (don't remember the name) with a 
really bad prognosis (only a few months to live).  His doctors put him on a very low-carb, 
high protein diet because the cancer cells supposedly feed on sugar also.
dx'd 3/02 age 37, pumping 8/02
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