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Re: [IP] Re: Diabetes in Control

Have you ever looked into how much the US Government spends on diabetes
care?  How you ever considered how much a cure might be worth?  There are
many researchers out there dedicated to finding a cure.  Some of them are so
dedicated because they are personally affected by diabetes.  Some of them
are dedicated because it really is an interesting problem.  And some of them
are dedicated because they fervently believe that a cure is likely.  Almost
everyone likes to be on a winning team.  So I'm not pinning all my hopes on
a cure (I think :) ), but I am fully confident that there are many competent
people out there working steadfastly towards a cure.  I've actually had the
privilege of meeting and speaking to some of them.
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> Ok, i may be off in saying this, but this is what someone told me.  They
> said they don;t think they'll ever be a cure.  If you think about it if
> did come up with a cure looks at all the millions of dollars a year they
> would be losing.  I can kinda see a point in that
> Tina
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