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[IP] Overactive Immune Systems & Control

Im a little confused. This is my thinking process: Type 1 = overactive immune 
system = not getting sick often.  But if that is true then why do I keep 
getting sick? When my HA1C's where 10+ (as high as 17) I would get sick at 
the drop of a hat and with whatever was floating around. Now that my control 
is alot better (Nov was 7.5)  I never get 100% sick like I did before. Right 
now I am fighting this cold my boyfriend had. I have the postnasal drip and 
and sinuses hurt and tightness in the chest, but I can tell that its just at 
the begining stages. Ive been like this for days. Normally I feel like this 
for one day and then it hits me hard. Blood Sugars are crazy. My two week 
average is 204. My bg doesn't want to come down. I seem to have gotten a 
better hold on it over the past few days. 
Two part question: How does an overactive immune system fit in? and how does 
control play a role?
dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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