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[IP] BSBS insurance thread

I have not had any problems with BCBS of Michigan and my pre-existing
condition -Diabetes. I have been getting my insurance through my employers for
15/16 years transferring from one plan to another. When it came to pumping, my
diabetes educator assisted me in writing the "letter of need" along with the
doctor's prescription to the insurance company.I contacted the insurance
company myself to question them if the pump would be covered under durable
medical equipment - they verbally said yes. Minimed contacted me less than a
week later and told me the amount I would have to pay. About a month later, I
received a statement that the insurance co. paid for the pump. I recall
talking to the MM rep telling them I couldn't afford the $1100.00 co-pay, they
offered charging me $550 accepting reasonable payments. In defense of BCBS and
MM both companies appeared willing to do business with me. The worse health
insurance company I had was Aetna. It was one of their low grade plans that my
husband's company offered to their employees. I had to Aetna several times to
ask why they didn't cover doctor visits as part of the policy. I was not a
"happy camper" with Aetna at all! Take care and keep on being persistent when
companies don't fulfill their part of the promise! Sharon B.
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