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[IP] "Diabetes Cure"

looking at the same thing.  They do now have that test which they did not have when I was diagnosed that shows if you are producing the antibodies that lead to diabetes.  Interestingly they appear 1-5 years before T1 manifests though in some people
the immune system corrects itself and the antibody disappears and they never get diabetes.  It is this process that scientists are trying to replicate.  A sort of repair for the immune system.  So last summer I was working at the P.O. and a number
of retired Drs get their mail their and I started reading their copy of New England Journal of Medicine (I know you're not supposed to read other peoples mail but the cover said "closer to cure for T1 diabetes").  Some researchers had given an
immune system repairing treatment to a dozen T1 kids that were so early in diagnosis that they had not yet developed symptoms but did have the antibody.  Any way I think about ten of them were able to retain their remaining insulin production so
that it looked like they would remain in a permanent "honey moon period" producing at least some of their own insulin.  I guess if they perfect this procedure it could help us prepare for new islet cells so our immune system would not just kill them
again.  The researchers admitted that the treatment was limited for preventing the onset of diabetes because it would have to be given before diagnosis was practical.  I thought this was interesting, but I'm not holding my breath.  I was diagnosed
16 years ago and the Drs told us I would only be taking insulin for about a year because they were so close to a cure!
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