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Feel like death warmed over. Took a nap after lunch  BG 590 at 2PM, small
ketones .  Had been creeping up since I have an upper respiratory
infection.. Doctor put me on antibiotic yesterday. I had increased my basals
by 50% after a high before lunch,  (corrected that too) checked infusion set
for bubbles, new site as of last night, duh!!  I took 8 units by injection,
changed site again and looked at my pump.  It stated 40 units left in
reservoir.  Funny, last night I thought it read 30 and I had planned on
changing reervoirs then, but didn't. No bubbles in the tubing, but when  I
tried priming it  nothing came out.  Pulled out the cartridge and a huge
bubble covered one side of the cartridge.  I called Animas and was told that
this would not trigger an alarm.  Gosh and I spend most of my time worrying
about the damn alarms ever since I got  one when I originally got the pump.
Never got over it.  Ok so I'm in a bad mood and I expect to feel better as
my bg goes down some more,  (344 at 4PM) but right now I wish  had never
heard of pumping.  I LIKE having some long acting insulin in my system so I
don't go through this when I'm sick  already.
What  I do wonder about is if the episodes of vomiting I've had in the last
few days were really due to the URI or whether I wasn't getting all my
basals/boluses.  I suppose time will tell.  I test every three to four
hours, and make correstions. I wonder what would happen if I tested less
frequently! I might not be round to bitch I suppose.
Denise type 1 48 years
NOT Bonding with her Animas  R1000 today
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