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[IP] Meter Accuracy???

I have a question regarding meter accuracy.  I am going through the
continuous monitor test thing right now and last night I tested before
dinner.  My first reading was 123, which surprise me because I am usually in
the 90s.  So this time I wash my hands and retested (since the value is
being used for calibration of the CM).  My second test was 115, then I
re-did and it was 99, then re-did and it was 115 ( I stopped since I did not
want to waist too many strips with this 'in-prompt' experiment.)  I did
calibrated it with the calibration stick that comes with the box (the lot
number in the meter = the lot number in the test strip) and I tested with
the testing solution in Nov '02 and it was in range (but that is such a
large range that I am not sure how accurate this test is.) I am currently
out of testing solution so I could not re-do that test, and I find it to be
such a waist of money since after you open the little bottle it is only good
for 45 days or so.  
I had never done 4 tests in 2-3 minutes so I was not aware of the huge (in
my opinion) fluctuation, I could see.  It scared me because when I read 80
it could mean that I could be 60 or if I read 140 I could be at 160.  
My meter is the Precision Xtra (from Medisense) and although I do not like
that it takes 20sec (compared to the ultra's 5 seconds) and one of the
larger samples of blood (vs competitors) it is suppose to be one of the most
accurate - now to me questionable - but more importantly to me it measures
blood Ketones which is suppose to be more accurate (number wise and time
wise) than urine ketone sticks.  The difference is supposed to be comparable
to the difference between the old urine glucose strips and the newer blood
glucose test (that is what the "rep" and their documentation said.)  It is
also the meter I was given my first day of diagnosis since it is the one my
insurance covers.  I could change to another one if I buy it - which I might
do but I do like the option of the blood ketones.  I used it a lot recently
when I was sick with the stomach-flu and many a few times before when I was
nauseous but with 'in-range' BG readings.
Is this normal?  Has anyone done a few tests in a row and saw 20+ points of
fluctuation???  I will call the meter people but I am sure they are going to
ask for the testing solution, and I have to pay a high co pay for this to be
Eloisa and Bombita (MM Paradigm)
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