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[IP] New Automatic Lancing Device

For the purpose of passing on a little humor.... nothing else.  YIKES!  Last
night my dog (really) ate my lancing device.  Chewed it to shreds!  Ran out
this morning to get a new one and I actually opened the information package
and boy was I in for a real surprise.  All these years, (22+) I've been doing
everything WRONG!  I realized just how much being a diabetic is a pain in the
you know what and how easy it is to fall into BAD habits!  Did you know that
the proper procedure for checking your BG was:
 (A) Wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry thoroughly before
 (B) Select a site on the outer edge of the second or third finger for
 (C) Squeeze finger from base to improve blood flow;
 (D) Clean the body and endcap of the lancing device with soap and water after
each use; and
 (E) To disinfect the lancing device soak in a freshly prepared solution of
household bleach, using 1 part bleach to 10 parts water for at least 30
minutes, rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly.
HOW have I survived for so long by doing everything WRONG???  At best, before
checking my BG I lick the finger that's about to be poked and wipe it on a
napkin or whatever is handy (jeans or sweats included), give it a poke, put
the blood on the test strip and wipe off my finger on what ever was handy when
I licked it!  (I do not lick the blood off, my own personal preference and no
offense to those of you who are blood lickers) I have NEVER and I mean NEVER
cleaned the end cap or even thought of soaking the lancing device in bleach
water!  I do however change my lancet everytime (or at least everytime I
remember) I open a new bottle of test strips!   Unlike some of you who do it
on a yearly basis or when the time changes.  And hey, that's a personal thing.
Next time I have to buy a new lancet device, I think I'll leave that little
pamphlet in the box it came in.  I hate it when I find out that I'm doing
everything wrong!!!  Good day to all!  Tina
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