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Re: [IP] Deltec Atten Cari!!!!!

Cari hi,
Do you by chance use MaryBridge Childrens Hospital and your CDE is
Janet?  We are int he thought process of putting our QUincy who is 6 1/2
yrs old on the Cozmo and Janet mentioned a name of Ecklund was also
trying for the Cozmo.  We live in Enumclaw.  Is your little guy named
Andy?  How did your son do on the first pump?  I'm still in the do ornot
to do stage of this.
Thanks so much
Sami  mom to QUincy  Dx 02/01  6yrs  old now. 
My Little Hero~
HAVE A GOOD DAY!! THE RITTER FAMILY ~ "I'll lean on you and you lean on
me and we'll be okay" ~Dave Matthews Band~ See our web page....
http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/kids/d_02_1l2.htm >From: cari m
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(near Seattle) and have Regence BlueShield >insurance. We're in the
process of ordering my 7 yr old the Cozmo ( we've >had a Disetronic for 3
/12 yrs.) I've had excellent customer >service....especially since our
insurance is being such a >pain.....(Regence says they'll only cover a
pump that is distributed out >of the state of WA....UGH!) The rep is
wonderful as well as the woman >trying to deal with Regence. I'm
confident that they'll have a pump to us >in no time....If not, I'll go
after Regence myself! : ) > >Good luck! > >Cari Ecklund
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