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Re: [IP] Re: Diabetes in Control

> <Article states...........
> Research by British scientists could offer millions of people with
> diabetes the chance to treat the condition with just one injection.
> Diabetes occurs when the pancreas contains defective cells that do
> not produce sufficient quantities of the hormone insulin. A shortage
> of insulin means cells do not absorb enough glucose to provide fuel
> and leaves excessive amounts of glucose in the bloodstream.
> Okay, forgive me for I feel very ignorant right now but...isn't it
> the auto-immune system that is basically 'defective' which attacks
> the islet cells of the pancreas which  causes the diabetes?  I was
> not aware of it being defective cells.  So if this 'shot' will give
> back a person's ability to produce their own insulin again, would I
> be wrong in assuming that it will only be temporary and have to be
> repeated because the immune system would just attach these new
> 'cells' again?>
Research Workgroup - 1999
It is now clear that Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that 
destroys the insulin-producing capacity of pancreatic beta cells. 
Research conducted over the past decade in animal models of Type 1 
diabetes, as well as in pre-diabetic and recent-onset diabetic 
patients, has identified some of the elements of the pathway by which 
certain lymphocytes called T-lymphocytes or T-cells cause a chronic 
state of inflammation in pancreatic islets (insulinits) that leads to 
beta cell destruction.
Can't be much clear than that.
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