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Re: [IP] Using insulin that's left in the tubing

> OK, you guys, I've read many posts on how people are able to put air
> into the tubing so that they are able to use some/most of the
> insulin that gets left in the tubing when it's time for a site
> change (does this sentence make sense to anyone but me?  :)   I've
> tried to do this a number of times and can't seem to get the air in
> the tubing to stay behind the insulin.  What's the secret here?
The air goes in the syringe. The objective is to provide emergency 
insulin from your pump when you've unexpectedly pumped it dry. The 
air in the syringe pushes the remaining insulin in the tube. My 
daughter has done it twice when she's run out of insulin at school. 
That was enough to keep her from forgetting again.... it's been a few 
years now since those incidents.
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