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[IP] freestyle problemo's

In contrast, my daughter had a lot of trouble with the Freestyle because she 
couldn't get the strips to "sip up" the sample properly at least a third of 
the time.  So,  the smaller sample size (vs. the Ultra)  was of no benefit .  
Just another example of YMMV (your mileage may vary) -- Depending on the 
individual's needs and preferences, different meters like different pumps are 

Pumpmama to Katie (12)
- ----------------------------------------------------------
when you call lifescan they simply tell you you are using the strips wrong. like you are a boob. I have had diabetes for almost 50 years and after medical school I know about capillary action. surface attraction and all the other other tricks used by people to get a thin film of blood. the little tunnel that Ultra uses to initiate timing. all of the sipping meters, ultra, first choice, glucometer elite, precision qid, if your vision is fairly good, disecting a used strip is interesting. it is good for science projects before taking it to school rub off the blood so no one freaks. Above all Lyndy, make them give you some new strips. they will if you insist! The strips are expensive because of the timer glucose oxidase chamber,the manufacturing to get it right and the testing to get the right lot number on the bottle. and the guy to answer the phone.spot
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