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RE: [IP] Diabetes in Control -- wound healing

Re: wound healing

I work early in the morning and consequently get to listen to NPR Eorning
Editon twice each day..... I heard they doctors have had success in treating
severe non-healing wounds in people like diabetics and cancer patients with
pure oxygen.  Previously they used a hyperbaric chamber and left you in
there for a while....this does damage to the brain and other organs because
we are supposed to be breathing only 21% O2.....the new study used plastic
cambers that were pasted around the wound and O2 was introduced through a
small tube.....the admin was done by the patient 30 mins a day 3 days on and
3 days off....75% percent of patients had success with the therapy....

Just thought ya'll might like to know....you can listen to the broadcast
online at www.NPR.org (no I don't work for them) :)

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