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[IP] Hey Baby What's your type? (was: Whether to pump or use MDI)

I was Dx'd at the age of 19 by my doctor as a type 1 1/2 diabetic....Fromt
he other people that I have talked to I think that many doctors do this
because a patient is not exhibiting all of the "classic' symptoms and they
don't want to give an incorrect diagnosis....with the increasing number of
youg type 2ers out there it could be hard for a family to get one diagnosis
and then have to change gears later when they find out it was
inaccurate....personally I was bothered by the 1 1/2 diagnosis beacuse I
didn't understand it and it gave my parents the hopes that it would go away
if I started a strict meal plan....I wanted something more concrete so I
could start therapy and get back to my life the best that I could...

Wesley (dx'd 1999)

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> I was just wondering if anyone else fits into the same catagory
> as me. When I
> was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, I was told that I wasn't the
> typical Type
> 2. Mine wasn't the result of lifestyle because I have always been
> fit and in
> good health. I was diagnosed in my mid-twenties when I suffered a
> miscarriage.  However, they did believe that my onset was undiagnosed for
> many years due to the amount of nerve damage I had. The nutritionist that
> taught me told me that she considered me to be a "Type 3" . (her
> terminology). I never thought much about it until later and I
> just wondered
> if anyone else was in the same boat as me.
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