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Re: [IP] Using insulin that's left in the tubing

   Not sure which pump you are using.  Josh is on the H-Tron+ from 
Disetronics.  We have had to do this twice.  We actually will put the air in 
the cartridge, reset the pump making it think it has more insulin in the 
cartridge and the pump then is pushing air out of the cartridge which is 
pushing the leftover insulin into him.  This is safe for Josh for a good 4+ 
hours because his basals are still fairly small while at school.  Witht he 
Dis pumps/cartridges there is a handle that screws into the bottom of the 
cartridge that is used for filling them up.  If all you wanted to do is save 
the unused insulin in the tubing into a vial them you can just pull the 
insulin out of the tubing back into an empty cartridge, reattach the needle 
sued for filling and push it back into a vial.

AGain, all I know is Disetronics.

mom to Joshua
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