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Re: [IP] Diabetes in Control -- wound healing

In a message dated 1/29/03  email @ redacted writes:

<< http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/issue140/item6.shtml
Glycemic Control Does Not Affect Wound Healing in Diabetics >>

<<It may be that glycemic control does affect wound healing, but only when 
blood glucose levels are extremely high or low, they add.>>

OK, are there any others of you who have deliberately kept on the edge of 
hypoglycemia in order to heal better?  I must have started doing it in early 
adolescence, late 1950s or so.  I don't remember if I tried doing it for 
actual illnesses (maybe that was just an impossibility in those days, before 
home bg monitoring), but certainly did for skin wounds and infections  (I was 
a klutz, went through childhood with constantly scraped knees, etc.).  It 
always seemed to me if I could keep myself right on the edge of "reaction" 
symptoms (that's what we called hypoglycemia in those days), my skin would 
heal miraculously fast, faster than other people's, even.  I don't think it 
actually works as well now, think that's why I don't usually consider doing 
it (but maybe wanting to be able to function also has something to do with 
why I stopped <gr.>).

Linda Z 
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