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[IP] Problems with BG's


I do see a difference in my Insulin needs around my period, I am not sure if
you have correlate your changes with your menstrual cycles.  In addition to
the other suggestions already posted, you might want to also try using the
continuous glucose monitor that will help you to clearly see all the
rebounds(I know MM has one, not sure if any other company has one too.)  I
am using one right now 3rd day into it (it had been postponed a few time due
different reasons.)  I had this done once before and it will show you a few
days 1 to 4  of around the clock readings (depends on how your body reacts
to the sensor and/or how well the sensor is inserted.)  

I think it will help you fine tune your basals.  Hopefully you could
schedule it a couple of times to judge the difference between the 2-4 week
intervals.  Since you are trying to get pregnant, your doctor should be able
to write a "prescription" for it.  My Diabetes center in the area has one,
and they run them with a Dr. prescription.  Another way, is to contact MM's
rep directly and ask them if they can run a test on you (the Reps -at least
mine does- have a couple of monitors.)  Since I have a Paradigm and knew the
rep, and the rep was interested in "showing" the technology to my Endo -so
she can buy one -  I was able to get it done free and without having to go
through the insurance.  

I would suggest to do first what the book Pumping Insulin says to do and
then fine-tune it with the continuous glucose monitor but then again like
everything YMMV.

I hope you are able to soon reach your A1c goals.

Eloisa and Bombita (MM Paradigm)

Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 09:51:55 -0500
From: Amy Finnerty <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Problems with BG's

The endo will give me a basal rate and it will work ok for a while 2-4 weeks
and then everything goes screwy, we change the basals and everything levels
out for a while 2-4 weeks and then everything goes screwy???? Usually it is
a rollarcoaster of highs (usually at night) then lows that rebound to highs
which cause lows that rebound to highs - seeing the pattern?

Am I alone out there?

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