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[IP] Re: another question....sites to use

<would like to know  the  various  sites   people  use...
right now I am  using abdomen.....but  want to know 
what other people  use..veteran pumpers.....>

Ted, I'm not really a veteran, but I use my hips in addition to my 
abdomen.  I love hip sites, because I get better numbers with less 
insulin.  I've just fine-tuned two different basal profiles for each site.  
I also find my hips to be less sensitive than my abdomen, I hardly 
feel the insertion of the introducer needle at all (I use the QuickSerter 
with 6mm QuickSets).  I usually feel a sting in my abdomen.  Any 
day now I'm going to try my thighs.  I should just get on with it, but
I like sticking with the known and always say, "next time."

dx'd T1 3/02, pumping 8/02
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