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Re: [IP] RE: Fighting Insurance

> Blue Cross was the sorriest insurance 
> that we have ever dealt with. Maybe it varies from state to state and plan 
> to 
> plan, but from my experiences, I would never choose them again

Its funny because my family has had BCBS of Calif PPO since right before I 
was diagnosed 14 years ago. My entire family is covered under my 
grandfather's business. Every few months I get stupid newsletters about how 
to help control diabetes and the importance of it. After being on a pump 
vacation for 2 years I began considering going back to the pump because of 
new features this past august and my endo said to just do it. My Mom got on 
the phone  and my pump was "instantly" approved. I got it a few days later. 
BCBS has been wonderful. They have covered everything for me. The only 
problems I have had were on Wallgreens' end where they messed up my 
perscriptions so badly that my insurance company wouldn't allow for refills. 
It is my greatest wish that EVERY person could have an experience with 
insurance companies like I have had. I know I am lucky. Even with the little 
bumps on the road, BCBS has allowed me to do anything to get the best medical 
care out there. 

dxd age 7 1988  pumping 1992
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