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[IP] Re: Lancet help - Ancient diet

> She got diabetes about 12 years ago and is still doing her diet and
everything the way they did 12 years ago!  She still doesn't beleive I can
eat ice cream!!!  She is happy the way it is and all and doesn't want to
change her diet so thats ok.  Her food chart on the wall is ancient!!
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

Maybe I'm also ancient, but since this is your grandmother, I'm *presuming*
she has T-2 DM and probably not on insulin. Does she take any meds for DM?
Someone educate me if I'm wrong, but don't T-2's on diet or meds (not
insulin) follow the ADA (or Canadian equivalent) diet to control BGs? The
T-2 not on insulin doesn't have the dietary freedoms we pumpers do, no
matter Type 1 or Type 2 pumpers. (~_^)

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