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Re: [IP] Diabetes in Control

Article states...........
Research by British scientists could offer millions of people with diabetes
the chance to treat the condition with just one injection.

Diabetes occurs when the pancreas contains defective cells that do not 
sufficient quantities of the hormone insulin. A shortage of insulin means
cells do not absorb enough glucose to provide fuel and leaves excessive
amounts of glucose in the bloodstream.

Okay, forgive me for I feel very ignorant right now but...isn't it the 
auto-immune system that is basically 'defective' which attacks the islet 
cells of the pancreas which  causes the diabetes?  I was not aware of it 
being defective cells.  So if this 'shot' will give back a person's ability 
to produce their own insulin again, would I be wrong in assuming that it will 
only be temporary and have to be repeated because the immune system would 
just attach these new 'cells' again?

If that isn't bad enough this article then goes on to say that diet and 
exercise will help 'cure the disease (OK so they are now talking about T2s 
here!!!) but I can not imagine that this research team is not aware of the 
fact that it is the out-of-whack immune system that has caused the diabetes 
and NOT the cells.

Okay, I'm done!!  Sorry if I am coming across as so stupid, but 

mom to Joshua
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