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[IP] RE: Fighting Insurance

Perhaps my story bears repeating.  We were just handed a 65 percent rate
increase by our HMO.  I have had to go look for another as we are
self-employed and I choose our insurance anyway.  Well, actually I let my
insurance guy go after he angered me by saying if I didn't over utilize my HMO
then they would not have raised the rates.
I contacted a campaign run by the state on Diabetes Control and Prevention.  I
informed them what happens to type I diabetics who are merely following the
guidelines and having the required check-ups (Endo visits, eye dr., foot
doctor and not in excess.)  I also turned these people in to the state
insurance commission.  While it wont do me any good in the long run, they are
having to explain themselves on this one.
Yesterday a woman called from that HMO and I informed her that when the rate
increase was handed to us, and we let them know there was no way we could pay
it, they did not offer me any other plans.  I also let her know the name of a
man in their admin.offices who actually offered to take me elsewhere and help
me look for coverage.
As if that all wasn't enough, this week the HMO sent out a newsletter
indicating that they were forming a "Member Retention" committee in order to
keep from losing members.  Too late for us, and probably too late for any of
the other diabetic patients they have forced into leaving.
And in all fairness to Blue Cross, they did have one of the most pump friendly
plans of any of the HMOs that I looked at.
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