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Re: [IP] Whether to pump or use MDI

< Anyway, within this generation Type 1 will be cured, and we can toss all
>  these pump/MDI arguments into the pile with corded phones and mimeograph
>  machines :) >>
> Um .. and what about the type 2s? There are more of us on insulin than
> are type 1s. Some of us even pump insulin. :-)
> Jan and Elvis

I intentionally left out Type 2 because the same medical professionals
surveyed by the ADA who believe Type 1 will be cured do not believe the same
of Type 2, as the latter is significantly related to lifestyle issues such
as eating habits, exercise, etc. I realize that may not apply to you, but as
principle it make sense--even if Type 1 is cured, Type 2's will keep popping
up because it manifests itself after years of (negative) conditioning. But
it's just a prediction...

On the other hand, maybe they'll develop a magic pill for all of us....

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