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Re: [IP] Fighting insurance

> I just wanted to let everyone know how my fight with BCBSM is going
> to get me more than 200 glucose testing strips per month.
> I had also come across a newsletter on the BCBSM website called
> Physician's Update.  This newsletter was old, from February 2001,
> but it had an interesting story in it written by a doctor (who
> evidently is associated with BCBSM, perhaps he's on their board or
> something).  This article spelled out the need for people with
> diabetes to have "routinely recommended services".  At the end of
> the article it said, "I'd like to hear from you"... and listed his
> email address at bcbsm.com.   Ok, I'm sorry, but that was something
> I just couldn't pass up.  Like waving a red flag in front of a
> bull... hehe.  So, I emailed him and explained about my dilemma for
> needing testing supplies for more closely monitoring my bg levels
> while using an insulin pump. 

Ok, that's a nice story....... ya gonna give us the email address :-)
or do we have to beg  {{{please}}}  I have a few choice words to send 
as well.....

email @ redacted
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