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[IP] BG under control

Does anyone have problems keeping their BG's under control on the pump? I
always feel like I am in the minority. Maybe I am expecting to much. My HA1C
has come down from the high 9's to 7.3, but I would like to have a child and
that is just not good enough according to my endo, so... I'm wondering if
anyone else has a similar problem to mine.

The endo will give me a basal rate and it will work ok for a while 2-4 weeks
and then everything goes screwy, we change the basals and everything levels
out for a while 2-4 weeks and then everything goes screwy???? Usually it is
a rollarcoaster of highs (usually at night) then lows that rebound to highs
which cause lows that rebound to highs - seeing the pattern?

Am I alone out there?


Amy, I am 99.9% sure it is PMS - the culprit of the female species. Mine BGs
go up one week after ovulation until my period begins. I go a week or so
feeling normal then back to super ungodly lows. The newer pumps have different
programs for different situations. Hormones tend to make BG's screwy for me
and for many diabetic females. I have a MM507C and I have two basal rates for
PMS and non-PMS, like I explained I need a few more to tweak my control a
little better. I hope to get a new and improved pump once this one croaks.

Since I have been exercising on a regular basis, the exercise has improved my
BG's quite a bit. It is still a struggle because I am dealing with asthma
too-that is treatable. But I treat the asthma just like the diabetes and force
myself to go to the gym and feel great once I get there. After the workout, I
feel rejuvenated and get a lot done around the house before bedtime. What a
pay off!

It takes a while to get those numbers down, just keep on doing what works to
get it right for you. That is quite a difference from a 9 to a 7.3. Mine was
7.9 when I started pumping and I recently got it down to a 6.2! That was over
four years - it takes a while really! It sounds like you are aware of the
patterns and that is a good start! Happy pumping! Sharon B
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