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[IP] Re: Deltec Issues

	I have been waiting over a month for my Cozmo, and I am 
starting to feel the same as you.  My Diabetes Educator ordered my 
pump on 12/23/02, and I have been shuffled around Deltec and two 
distributors since.  I am currently waiting on Diabetes Care and 
Education (the second distributor) to get the insurance filed for 
approval.  I have called DC&E three times, and have not gotten to 
speak to a person yet.  The message I left on call #2 (1/23/03) has 
yet to be returned.  I am hoping that this is just a result of Deltec 
being new to the Insulin Pump market, and not an indication of thinks 
to come.


>Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 13:47:25 -0800
>From: "Wesley Dreiling" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Deltec Issues
>Is there anyone on this list that has, or is in the pross of getting, a
>Deltec Cozmo?  I would like to know if you had any problems with the people
>that take your forms and start to paperwork moving to send you the pump.  I
>have been dealing with them for only a week so far but I have got the
>feeling that if I didn't call them every day to check in and make sure that
>they are doing what they said they would do then nothing would happen.  Just
>wondering if this is unque to Deltec or if all the companies are this way
>and I should just lighten up, order another case of needes and get ready for
>a long wait.
>Thanks for the help.
>wesley (dx'd 1999 ready to start pumping as soon as they send it!) :)
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