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Re: [IP] Problems with BG's

Am I alone out there?



 have you concidered your cycle? I have been reading a couple books on
diabetes and women, and man oh man its all kinda makin sence now........When
you ovulate your hormones are surging, you will need more insulin in order
to keep sugars normal, then as soon as you start your period  it all goes
back to normal(so to speak). I have been taking provera to help my body to
ovulate (depoprevera shot kinda screwed it up) This past week, my bs has
been goin up up up......so I in turn have switched to another basil rate
program on my pump and am just watchin and adjustin basils right now.
Although this seems weird to me, it seems that once I ovulate(as i think i
have) my dawn phonon seems to be subsiding........weird lol.
So my humble recomendation is to pay attention to your cycle , and adjust as
Good luck!
Tami in Tucson
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