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Re: [IP] Deltec Issues


  That type of behavior is unique to the individual person who is handling 
your processing papers.  That person could be working at Deltec, Dis, MM, 
Animas or anywhere else.  There are reps who really like what they are doing 
and thinking about the customer...YOU!  And then there are those who really 
couldn't care less and have forgotten what it is they are dealing 
with...people who are dealing with diabetes on a DAILY basis!!!!

Anyway, if that person doesn't want to do his/her job then go to another 
person in the company.  Give the company a chance.  It might not hurt if you 
filed a complaint to the company as well about this particular CS rep.  It 
might be a good wake-up call for that particular employee!!!  (Stuart Sundem 
is the Product Manager at Deltec:
       email @ redacted)  Might not hurt!

Good luck!

mom to Joshua- and we are also looking at the Deltec for our next pump!
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