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[IP] Fighting insurance

I just wanted to let everyone know how my fight with BCBSM is going to get 
me more than 200 glucose testing strips per month.

I talked to a nurse at my endo's office and they're going to send me a new 
prescription that states clearly "300 glucose test strips for testing 10x 
per day for IDDM on an insulin pump."   I also faxed her the letter that I 
had prepared spelling out why I thought I needed to test more frequently, 
and she's going to get something done up and signed by my endo that 
supports what I say.

I had also come across a newsletter on the BCBSM website called Physician's 
Update.  This newsletter was old, from February 2001, but it had an 
interesting story in it written by a doctor (who evidently is associated 
with BCBSM, perhaps he's on their board or something).  This article 
spelled out the need for people with diabetes to have "routinely 
recommended services".  At the end of the article it said, "I'd like to 
hear from you"... and listed his email address at bcbsm.com.   Ok, I'm 
sorry, but that was something I just couldn't pass up.  Like waving a red 
flag in front of a bull... hehe.  So, I emailed him and explained about my 
dilemma for needing testing supplies for more closely monitoring my bg 
levels while using an insulin pump.  Well... it turns out that this doctor 
worked with Dr. Whitehouse in Detroit.  Dr. Whitehouse, as many pumpers in 
the Detroit area can tell you, is a pro-pump and very highly respected 
endocrinologist.  This doctor I emailed supported me wholeheartedly and 
told me that he was forwarding my emails to the Medical Policy Department 
at BCBSM with a "favorable recommendation" for my request.   While I don't 
think that any insurance company should set a "one size fits all policy for 
diabetes supplies" I told him, if they must, they need to set up a new 
category allowing 300-400 test strips for persons with insulin-dependent 
diabetes on an insulin pump.  So, perhaps I can not only help myself here, 
but other pumpers with BCBSM by helping to change policy at BC.

Keeping my fingers crossed that all this has a successful outcome.  Wish me 

feeling more hopeful these days.
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