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[IP] Deltec Issues

Is there anyone on this list that has, or is in the pross of getting, a
Deltec Cozmo?  I would like to know if you had any problems with the people
that take your forms and start to paperwork moving to send you the pump.  I
have been dealing with them for only a week so far but I have got the
feeling that if I didn't call them every day to check in and make sure that
they are doing what they said they would do then nothing would happen.  Just
wondering if this is unque to Deltec or if all the companies are this way
and I should just lighten up, order another case of needes and get ready for
a long wait.

Thanks for the help.

wesley (dx'd 1999 ready to start pumping as soon as they send it!) :)

S1.3 HOM+++ SMI/BUR+++ APU++> TRO/HTZ++ FRI+++ >f+++ Ipso DABF11, DABF17,
AABF19, 2F16, 2F09, 5F24 M1979
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