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Re:[IP] Sick with a cold

In a message email @ redacted writes:

<<  I would love to simply have an option to adjust all basal rates
by adding .1 units per hour, etc.  Instead, I have to create a whole
separate basal pattern >>

I assume you are using a Minimed by your description.  With my old 507c, for 
this purpose I could do a square wave bolus, say .4 units for 4 hours if I 
wanted to get an exra .1 units per hour.  With the 507c, this precluded me 
from other boluses during that period (unless I turned off the sq w, figured 
out how much had been bolused so far, and programmed a new sq w for the 
rest).  I believe with the 508 and paradigm, you can still bolus within a 
square wave?  I generally preferred the sw to the temp basal with the 507c 
because of the half-hour alarm on the temp, as well as the advantage to it 
adding to basal rates that had changed during the period.

In general, I much prefer the Animas temp basal, which can be programmed from 
OFF to +90% up to 12 hours in half hour increments.  I was never particularly 
successful in reducing basal rates for exercise with the MM, and have been 
with the Animas -- my suspicion is that it is because of my already pretty 
low rates and the MM insulin being given too infrequently for me with a 
reduced basal, causing me to sometimes not have enough available insulin for 
exercise.  But, obsessive-compulsive that I am, I do miss the precision of 
being able to know at any time exactly how many tenths of units of insulin I 
have taken that day <gr.>.  With my animas, the history is only by whole 

Linda Z
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