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[IP] Occlusion Annoyances

Tara wrote:

snip<I've had two in the last 4 nights, and it's annoying to get up in the
of the night to change my site when half asleep!  I changed my infusion site
in the evening before dinner both nights that it happened.  Unfortunately,
my pump only has 2 levels of sensitivity and mine is already on the lowest
setting.  I'm on a small basal rate, and my endo said that occlusions are
not uncommon for people with lower basal rates.>snip

Tara:  I have an Animas also and have very low basal rates using .05 for
almost 1/3rd of the day.  Your sensitivity setting should be set to "H" for
the low basal rates.  I know this seems backwards - but it is right.  When I
first got my pump 3 a couple years ago I had mine on "L" (thinking this was
the lowest sens. setting) but it is not.  The way it is described in the
manual is rather unclear about the sens. settings.  I called Animas and they
confirmed to me that if you have very LOW basal rates the sens. setting should
be on "H".  I changed my setting to H and have had very few occlusion alarms
since that time.  I did receive the new resovoirs this last time around with
the green dot on them and did get two occ. alarms during the night a couple
weeks ago.  Both times I just hit the prime button for a few seconds to make
sure the pump was working find and reconnected and went back to sleep.  I
don't know if both of these occ. alarms were a fluke with the res. or not, but
my BS was fine in the morning.
Try changing the sens. setting on your pump and see what happens.  If you call
Animas they can describe to you why the H and L seem backward - it has
something do with how some engineers see the sens. level as compared to how
the rest of us see it! :>)
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