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[IP] ketones

Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 16:31:06 -0700
From: "tami6410" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Normal sugars but positive ketones?

> sugars are normal but you have a positive ketone test

Please explain.

- ----------------------------------------------------------

>From what I've read, this can happen any time you are sick,
but I don't know why.

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My understanding is this......the body starts burning fat and that creates
keytones for some  reason or another. This I learned from the Dr Atkins diet
info.......this can over work your liver/kidneys............The diet sais to
get into keytosis for up to 2 weeks, I disagree, when I follow this diet, I
eat enough carbs to stay OUT of keytosis. I am not sure however, why
keytosis would present itself with food poisoning?
Thats all I know about it.
Tami in Tucson
- ---------------------------------------------------------- Ketones are
formed when the body does not have enough insulin or carbohydrates to avoid
using fat as an energy source. That is the reason why carbohydrates such as
gatorade, popsicles, Rita's water ice, etc are in every  treatment for
ketosis. (well the water ice need not be Rita's but hers is the best) The
liver puts out what it has by converting glycogen to glucose. When you get
sick, insulin does not work well, you develop insulin resistance. you need
more insulin to accomplish the job. Fever makes for a worse situation fever
speeds up glucose metabolism and increases insulin resistance. The increased
metabolic rate increases the consumption rate of insulin Personally, I need
about 1.5 units of insulin per gm of carbs, I weigh about 170 pounds and am
5' 8" not fat but really not a thin person. for every degree C increase in
fever i need an additional 0.2 units of insulin. This is true for stress as
well. I was able to figure this on a biostator that we had in the lab. I can
relate the stress to the fever by using this measurement. I could keep my bg
flat with a miniscule incease in insulin yet have a moderate amount of
ketones in my urine. with the pump jacked up by 0.2 units/hr my bg's stay
flat and I do not spill ketones.Since few of you have access to a biostator
you have to just jack up your pump by a small amount until the ketones go
away. you have to give them time to clear. remember to add carbs to the
blood too.If this is not clear remember Charlie Best's Nostrum: "Fats burn
only in the flame of carbohydrates" I have Quoted Charlie before. "Twas
Banting and Best you know that made insulin" In McLoed's Lab at University
of Toronto Tonto Exclaimed the Lone Ranger as he shot 5 units into his
thigh, While preparing a salami reading an article by von Mearing und
Minkowski Charlie shook the degenerated pancreas with some acetone and acid
alcohol, he took some weak lye solution and neutrlized the acidity. Georges
Minot a hematology Fellow at U of Toronto was a friend of Banting and Best.
He was really sick. he had pernicious anemia, he was giving himself liver
and iron but he was not getting better. he also had celiac disease, he
tested himself and found he he had diabetesas well, he was in dka, he tried
eating eggs expanded with talcum powder. everything he ate became ketones
eventually. He lost 70 pounds in 3 months. He pleaded with Banting to give
him some of the extract he was making from dogs. So, banting without testing
or knowing anything about the biological strength (there were no units then)
gave Minot an injection. within hours, Minot felt better almost an hour
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