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[IP] Re: Celexa/being dumped

Jenny, just wanted to say (in case anyone else out there is going through the 
same thing I went through) that a few years ago, when this happened, I would 
not have believed you.  But I've now met a wonderful man who I am marrying 
next month, which proves you are absolutely right--I was much better off 
without this s***head!  I had a very hard time with this when it happened, 
though, so I hope anyone else reading this who might be going through 
something similar will believe you too!  Thank you!


>>Let's get the wording right here: He dumped you because he was too 
stupid about diabetes, and apparently too immature to LEARN anything. You're 
better off with out him and I for one hope that you'll see Pills cannot cure 
other people of being Fecal mattered Craniums....a.k.a.: S*** Heads. That 
dude did you a large favour, so be happy and go get some friends who will 
value you as the 'gold' you are.<<
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