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Re: : [IP] About the Insurance Laws in all but 4 states

> I live in one of those 4 states which does not have a law requiring the
> companines to pay for diabetes supplies.  Fortunately, we have Medical
> Super Med Plus and it pays for the supplies anyway.  Isn't it amazing that
> there actually is an insurance company that pays for something that the
> law does not require them to pay for?  Imagine that!  We have coverage for
> insulin, syringes, test strips, pump supplies, glucagon emergency kits,

There are plenty of insurance companies that cover lots of things not
mandated by law. In fact they all cover whatever you contract with them for.
The issue is that our system of group policies and employer sponsored
policies tends to isolate us from the insurance company and make it
impossible for us to effectively negotiate with them.

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