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Re: [IP] Occlusion Annoyances

We had a recent discussion about this on the Yahoo Animas Pumper group.

It seems that Animas changed their reservoir manufacturing process recently
for use with the IR1000 and changed the way that they are lubricated.  These
new ones have a green dot on the packaging, and they seem to create occlusion
 alarm issues with some of the R1000 (not IR1000) pumps.

I've noticed this myself, but it was only with a couple of reservoirs, so I
didn't think anything of it.   If it's happening more often, you should
probably bring it up with Animas support.   I hear they have a few options
available for fixing the issue.


--- Tara Carney <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Has anyone else experienced pump occlusions during the middle of the night?
> I've had two in the last 4 nights, and it's annoying to get up in the middle
> of the night to change my site when half asleep!  I changed my infusion site
> in the evening before dinner both nights that it happened.  Unfortunately,
> my pump only has 2 levels of sensitivity and mine is already on the lowest
> setting.  I'm on a small basal rate, and my endo said that occlusions are
> not uncommon for people with lower basal rates.  But I don't want to
> continue this.  Is there anything I can do to prevent this?  I usually sleep
> with my pump under my pillow.is there a better place to put it during the
> night? Please help!
> Tara - pumping w/Animas since 1.6.03
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