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Re: [IP] Temporary basal adjustment

>  > From: "Ryan Bruner" :
>>  >>> On a side note...this has
>  > caused me to wish that my pump had a  temporary basal ADJUSTMENT, not just
>a temporary basal rate.>>>
>  > Ryan,
>>  I have a good memory, but it's short. I forget which pump you have, but
>>  there are several that have more than one basal profile. Is an upgrade in
>  > your future so you can have one of these?
>  > Jan (~_^)
>No.  I have the Paradigm.  Actually, being that it is one of the newest of
>the pumps, I'm surprised it doesn't have it considering that, according to
>posts here, the Cozmo, Anima, and Disetronic all have it.  So much for
>having a good idea.
>I imagine that such a feature would only need to be a software upgrade...so
>perhaps Minimed will provide the feature in a future software upgrade for
>the pump.  :-)

It would take a complete reworking of the pumps mechanics to 
accomplish this.  The Minimed pumps can only deliver in whole 
microliters (0.1 units) volumes, whereas the Animas, Dana, Deltec and 
Disetronic (and I also presume the Nipro) can deliver in fractions of 
a microliter (0.0005 units).

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