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RE: [IP] Here is a thought.

To Weird Jenn...Just to let you know, the Disetronic DTRONplus pump does
vibrate for all alarms, as well as "beep."  A nice feature for those who
are hearing impaired.......

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>That lead me to think of this, those of us that are either hearing
>impaired, or find themselves in situations like the one described
>wouldn't it be nice to be able to plug a earpiece in your ear >linked
>the pump that would enable you to hear the alarm even when >cruising at
>to 40 mph on the slopes?

I think its a decent idea.  I'm deaf, myself and although the earpiece 
prolly wouldn't do much for me, I have other pump companies why they
have a vibrate feature.  Because the Animas doesn't vibrate, my choices
pumps are more limited that the average person.

Weird Jenn
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