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Re: [IP] freezing insulin

You are the one that is going to have to decide if your comfort zone is
enough to use that insulin.

My son went on a camping trip at -30.  When everyone was getting ready to go
to sleep, the scoutmaster told them to put their food in a cooler.

Since kids know everything, most of them disregarded the advice.  The next
morning only those who had used the coolers (insulation) were able to eat
eggs.  Everyone else's was frozen.

Just an experience my son found about cold weather camping.

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Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 6:48 PM
Subject: [IP] freezing insulin

> My insulin arrived today via FedEx, and although the box was clearly
> "DO NOT FREEZE," the delivery person left it on the front stoop, in 16
> degree weather. I figure it had been out there for a good 6 hours.
> The insulin is packaged with an Ice Brix (gel refrigerant) in a 3"
> envelope.
> Should I send it back or use it? It didn't look frozen (no crystals of any
> sort), though the bubbles did rise a bit sluggishly. I have no idea what
> freezing temperature of insulin is, or at what temp it looses its
> Advice needed.
> Many thanks.
> Winsor
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