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Re: [IP] Temporary basal adjustment

> From: "Ryan Bruner" :
> >>> On a side note...this has
> caused me to wish that my pump had a  temporary basal ADJUSTMENT, not just
> temporary basal rate.>>>
> Ryan,
> I have a good memory, but it's short. I forget which pump you have, but
> there are several that have more than one basal profile. Is an upgrade in
> your future so you can have one of these?
> Jan (~_^)

No.  I have the Paradigm.  Actually, being that it is one of the newest of
the pumps, I'm surprised it doesn't have it considering that, according to
posts here, the Cozmo, Anima, and Disetronic all have it.  So much for
having a good idea.

I imagine that such a feature would only need to be a software upgrade...so
perhaps Minimed will provide the feature in a future software upgrade for
the pump.  :-)

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