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[IP] Re: Depression and Diabetes

Hello all! (First let me say- I am Speaking as an IDDM pumper, that happens 
to be a  licensed psychotherapist). Having a chronic illness such as we do  
requires such rigorous attention that it  is bound to affect our  mood! 
Depression is not uncommon in folks with chronic illness. Our illness has a 
cascading affect on every aspect of our life.  Having diabetes makes me 
anxious! I am constantly having to make micro and macro decisions that affect 
my condition....depression and anxiety are also closely related.  In fact 
they are on the same continuum, just differing degrees. I think support is 
helpful, either via a group or therapist, in conduction with an 
antidepressant! Anyway just wanted to share this with all my fellow pumpers 
that are plugged in 24 hours a day!
We should all be congratulated!

Carin M. Beasley LMFT CACIII  "mindstretcher" 
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