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Re: [IP] Whether to pump or use MDI

At 06:28 PM 1/27/03, you wrote:
>In response to James' and Michaels comments (see below) I agree completely but
>am reminded of a conversation I had with a philosophical endocrinologist who
>was a diabetic pump user himself.  He said:
>"If, when insulin was first available (1921/1922) the only way to administer
>it was via an insulin pump; and, now many years later, new insulin's that last
>longer and/or work quicker, suddenly became available, a lot of people would
>want to quit pumping and go to the new, latest therapy that only requires a
>few shots each day."

Hmmm, but there is a big difference between pumping and taking a "few shots 
each day" with longer acting insulin.  With my pump, if I get the urge or 
the invitation to have something to eat at say, 3:00 p.m. I could easily do 
that buy pushing a couple buttons.  With shots, I would have to take yet 
another shot.  With me and the way I like to munch, I could be taking as 
many as 10 shots per day.  More than just a few....   Oh yeah, because I 
want to go out with friends at an odd time for a snack then I'm cheating... 
yeah right....

who likes the relative normalcy of life with a pump.
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