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Re: [IP] Temporary basal adjustment

At 06:28 PM 1/27/03, you wrote:
>The Cozmo tempoarary basal is done as a % of your normal basal rate. Is this
>  what you are wanting? >>
>As does the Animas and at least one of the Disetronics (D-Tron Plus)
>Jan and Elvis

My H-Tron Plus also has this feature.  It can go up to 200% of basal for 
increase and down to 0% basal for decrease.  Increases come programmed to 
last for 12 hours and decreases last for 4 hours.  You can have this 
changed by Disetronic if you like.  My H-Tron Plus beeped every hour while 
the temp basal was set, but you can turn this feature off.  This is how I 
survived the cortisone shots in my feet.  I ended up running a 190% basal 
for almost a week after that fiasco.

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