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Re: [IP] Food Poisoning and onset of DM

> This is off the regular topic about what to do when you have food
> poisoning. I was wondering if getting food poisoning has ever been
> linked to the onset of DM.  I had a bad case of food poisoning a few
> weeks before I was diagnosed with DM.  

T1 DM takes many months to develop. Your beta cell capacity has to be 
down to something like 20% before things typically start to get out 
of hand. Note the length of time that the honeymoon lasts. Thats the 
time it takes to wipe out the remaining 20% so the first 80% I would 
guess takes a bit longer.

Usually what triggers discovery is an illness that drives up your 
insulin requirements -- your pancreas can't supply the needed insulin 
so you see the classic symptoms immediately.
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