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[IP] Whether to pump or use MDI

In response to James' and Michaels comments (see below) I agree completely but
am reminded of a conversation I had with a philosophical endocrinologist who
was a diabetic pump user himself.  He said:

"If, when insulin was first available (1921/1922) the only way to administer
it was via an insulin pump; and, now many years later, new insulin's that last
longer and/or work quicker, suddenly became available, a lot of people would
want to quit pumping and go to the new, latest therapy that only requires a
few shots each day."

From: "James Parsons" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] A1c - 5.5 on MDI vs  5.5 on Pump

>> Compared with MDI, CSII has better insulin pharmacokinetics, less
>> variability in insulin absorption, and decreased risk of
>> hypoglycemia
>> these finding and other benefits are repeated over and over again in
>> the newer studies.
>> Michael

> I agree completely. I was amused to open up the new Diabetes Forecast that
> received this week to find a "study" that compared MDI &CSII and found
> essentially no difference in achieving control ("Shots Can Provide Same
> Level of Control as Pumps", by Shauna Roberts). Interesting to note that
> study was supported by Eli Lilly, who, IMO, have something to lose if
> diabetics were to stop using NPH.
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