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RE: [IP] Sick with a cold


If you are taking regular cold medicine (not the kind specifically for
diabetics) then the medicine, I think, could be causing the high BG's.
Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that decongestants have
something in them that can affect our BG's???? I would suggest calling your
doctor or diabetic educator and see what they suggest.

Personally, when I get a cold that won't go away, I go to see the doctor and
they prescribe prescription cough medicine and decongestants that get rid of
the symptoms without raising my BG's. I don't know what they are, but they
are out there. Originally, I tried the diabetic over the counter stuff, but
none of that seemed to help at all.

Good luck,

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I was curious if anyone has noticed that taking typical cold medicine 
seems to affect BG levels?  

I've had a cold for almost 2 weeks now.  My BG levels have been running 
a bit high.  After about a week of an annoying cough, I gave it and 
started taking some cold medicine.  Once I did, my BG levels shot up 
considerably.  Factoring in the fact that there is some carbs in the 
medicine, it still seems odd how much the medicine has caused a rise.

So, just curious if anyone else has noticed this.

On a side note...this has caused me to wish that my pump had a 
temporary basal ADJUSTMENT, not just a temporary basal rate.  A 
temporary basal rate is no good since I have a few different basal 
rates.  I would love to simply have an option to adjust all basal rates 
by adding .1 units per hour, etc.  Instead, I have to create a whole 
separate basal pattern, which is somewhat a pain since during illness 
the amount that my basals need to be adjusted can vary from day to day. 
So, to any pump manufacturers listening...  :-)

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