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RE: [IP] Re: On my soapbox

I was hospitalized overnight when I first received my pump 4 years ago. I
was told it was so that I could be closely monitored until they were sure my
basals were set correctly and to be sure I understood how to use the pump.
It was very weird because they let me keep my street clothes on and sit in
the lounge all day so I could stay away from my "sick and GRUMPY" roommate.
I remember it was the night that evil kenevil's son jumped the two hotels in
Las Vegas - but I digress...

I'm interested to see how many others got the hospital treatment!


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> In most studies, they do not consider the cost of emergency room 
> visits or paramedic visits due to lows. The on study that I could 
> find that did include those costs noted a 50% reduction in cost for 
> CSII -----  INCLUDING the cost of hospitalzation for pump training.

Hospitalization for pump training? Do they really do this?
How many people have actually had this?

I just worked with my CDE and my endo for a few days and then the pump was
mine. Seems a bit excessive to hospitalize for pump training...

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