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[IP] One touch Ultra- Smart

I have found this link that has a small blurb about the One Touch Ultra


the write up is small and near the bottom.  There ins't much infor about the
meter but it looks very neat to me! Right up my alley in the whole too
sophisitcated for most nasa scientiests category.  I want one and I don't
even really know what it does!  :) if anyone finds more info pls forward it
to me or the list

wesley (dx'd 1999 still waiting for my deltec to arrive)

S1.3 HOM+++ SMI/BUR+++ APU++> TRO/HTZ++ FRI+++ >f+++ Ipso DABF11, DABF17,
AABF19, 2F16, 2F09 M1979
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